Planning for the Best

Tripartite National Strategic Plan for Radiation Oncology 2012-2022

Projecting the 2022 Workforce Requirements

Assuming the achievement of the target utilisation rate of 52.3% in 2022, significant workforce shortfalls would occur by 2022. These are summarised in the table below. Significant action coordinated nationally would be required to meet these shortfalls, including implications for the funding of additional linacs and clinical training positions.

Estimated workforce and required workforce: 2022*
Profession Estimated workforce 2022 (current trends) Workforce required to meet target utilisation rate of 52.3% (FTE) Projected shortfall
Radiation oncologists 499 535 36
Radiation Therapists 2135 2673 538
Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists 327 535 208

Source: The Allen Consulting Group, 2012 7

Appendix I provides these projections for each jurisdiction across Australia.

* These projections of radiation oncology workforce are an extrapolation of past trends, assuming that the same trend will continue into the future, and are intended to illustrate future changes that may reasonably be expected if the assumptions underpinning the model were to apply over the projection period. These projections are not forecasts and do not allow for future changes in cancer incidence, treatments, risk factors or other factors. No liability will be accepted by the Tripartite Committee or its member organisations for any damages arising from decision or actions based upon these projections.

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