Planning for the Best

Tripartite National Strategic Plan for Radiation Oncology 2012-2022

Key Issues

Research in radiation oncology provides direct clinical benefit to patients (measurable outcomes, used in diagnosis and treatment).

  • Radiation oncology research in Australia lacks capacity and resources,
    • This limits capability for developing and implementing advances in patient care, and for workforce training and development;
    • There is disparity of research funding for radiation oncology compared to its clinical benefit to patients;
    • The impact of this may be greater in regional and rural facilities
  • Research in radiation oncology is different to pharmacological based research in that:
    • randomised clinical trials are more difficult;
    • lack of clinical data collection to evaluate technologies;
    • novel methodologies are required to evaluate new technologies;
  • There is further potential for collaboration between the various research groups, institutions, professions and individuals involved in cancer research.