Planning for the Best

Tripartite National Strategic Plan for Radiation Oncology 2012-2022

Defining Success


World class research is part of the core business of radiation oncology services.

Defining Success

Australia is an international leader in radiation oncology research that improves patient outcomes:

  • Local research that results in evidence based and timely implementation of new treatment techniques and technologies;
  • Increased funding allocation to radiation oncology research that is commensurate with its contribution to cancer control;
  • Dedicated radiation oncology research equipment and staff time are included into national service planning;
  • Access to clinical radiation oncology equipment time for (translational and implementation) research is factored into facility service planning;
  • Integration of radiation oncology treatments into comprehensive electronic medical records (EMR);
  • Research is recognised as part of core business for all radiotherapy facilities;
  • Multidisciplinary research teams are established, incorporating discovery, translational and implementation research.