Planning for the Best

Tripartite National Strategic Plan for Radiation Oncology 2012-2022

Defining Success


The radiation oncology workforce and infrastructure are appropriate to meet current and future cancer incidence.

Defining Success

A prospectively planned and nationally coordinated radiation oncology service across Australia, which includes the following:

  • Cancer incidence is the basis for planning;
  • Workforce and infrastructure are planned together in a coordinated way;
  • Workforce training is aligned with service demand projections and supported appropriately;
  • A National Cancer Action Plan which includes radiation oncology is adopted;
  • Jurisdictional radiation oncology action plans are developed, maintained and integrated with the National Cancer Action Plan;
  • Closer consultative collaboration between governments, policy-makers, service providers, patients and the professions to ensure most effective use of resources;
  • Innovative models of quality service provision are developed to improve efficiencies.